Keep this useful reference guide to understand malware and phishing risk :

Phishing or Malware Type

What is it?

Computer Virus

A program that can make copies of itself repeatedly to infect and corrupt files without the user know about it.


Malicious program that once activated, gathers and transmits user's information (such as passwords, personal information, habits, etc).


Impersonates employees to trick recipients into giving information or clicking on malicious links.


Customized messages for specific individuals or groups, increasing authenticity and success rate.


SMS or text messages, tricking recipients into sharing personal information or visiting malicious sites.


Using the phone to impersonate organizations to obtain sensitive information or financial details.


Manipulating DNS or hosts files to redirect users to fraudulent websites for extracting information.


Fake websites resembling legitimate ones to deceive users into sharing personal or financial data.


Intercepting to manipulate data, or impersonate parties to gain access to sensitive information

Botnets or Computer Worm

Sending spam, spreading malware or launching cyber attacks on a combination of computers.

Trojan Horse

Malicious code hidden in an email attachment or program to trick users when they click or install it.


Malware that sends out a message to the user that a given amount must be paid to decript files or remove the malware.

How to Prevent it

Prevention Tips

See it

Watch signs of slowness, extreme hard drive activity, program crashes or unwanted pop-ups.

Gather Knowledge

Educate yourself often to recognize and report phishing attempts.

Double Check Links

Avoid clicking suspicious links or download attachments from unknown senders.

Watch Outside Storage

Scan USB, memory sticks or storage devices with our antivirus software before installing on your computer

Use Known Sites

Look for the padlock icon and "https" in the URL before entering personal information.

Keep Private

Avoid sharing sensitive data unless the request is verified.

Upgrade Software

Use spam filters, firewalls, and updated antivirus software.

Block Pop-ups

Enable pop-up blockers. If you fo want pop-ups, ready them carefully before you click.

Enable 2FA

Enable MFA (multi-factor authentication) for added security.