How to Improve Engagement

Employee Engagement


Gallup recently sent out their 2023 State of the Global Workplace report showing worldwide engagement at 23% last year. While this increased slightly from last year, this is still a sad situation. It means that 77% are not fully engaged. Globally over half of the workforce expressed a desire to leave their current job.

For your benefit, we summarized the Canadian/U.S. Statistics from their report (Note: the numbers in brackets are the global % for comparison purposes):

  • Best practice companies show (72%) engagement compared to global at (23%).
  • 31% (23%) are engaged and feel they are 31% (23%) thriving.
  • 52% (59%) Quiet Quitting and 17% (18%) Loudly Quitting.
  • 52% (44%) noted daily stress with women and management rating highest levels.
  • 18% (21%) feel a lot of anger regardless of gender or job position.
  • Stress was noted from 29% being onsite, 32% fully remote and hybrid 34%.

The changes mentioned which could improve the work environment include:

  • Allowing employees to talk more openly with their managers.
  • Allow more autonomy to stimulate creativity.
  • Provide clearer goals and stronger guidance.
  • Have a place to relax at work and longer breaks so employees do not rush to eat.
  • Have a clear growth path for promotion.
  • Recognize people for their contribution and show more respect.
  • Have a hybrid work environment when possible.
  • Allow more learning opportunities (extremely important in repetitive environments).

What does all this mean?

  • It appears employees fair better with a combination of team interaction and independent work situations. Hence why hybrid may work well.
  • 70% of team engagement is attributable to the manager of the area.
  • Employees may not be taking ownership for their work. If they are coached the right way, they will be more inspired and motivated.
  • Gallup proved that through coaching and training, you can achieve 8-10% higher engagement and lower turnover.

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(Source: State of the Global Workforce 2023 Report: The Voice of the World’s Employees: Gallup)