Performance Consulting

Continuous Improvement?

A continuous improvement project requires very little capital if any at all. Using a Kaizen technique, a team can accomplish small wins that add up to significant savings.

Does this Fit You?

Continuous improvement can be implemented anywhere. Whether you use simple or more sophisticated tools, you can always find things to improve in your work place. We customize the solutions to meet your needs and we offer the training to support any culture.

What Are the Benefits?

A continuous improvement culture is proven to provide positive returns on investment. With full team engagement, you can realize savings very quickly and positively change the way you do business. Let us show you how!

Problem Solving Made Easy

We all know that problem solving is a key skill require to increase productivity. But how many of us ensure all levels of our organizations can do this effectively. Using tools such as 5 why’s, 4W, 2H & 1C or a Fishbone analysis, we can help you tackle your biggest challenges.

Problem Solving

Standard Work?

Have you ever had the same problem come back again and again? It can be so frustrating. You put all your effort into defining the problem, you work with a team to put in solutions and BINGO, the problem re-appears! We believe that standard work and auditing are key to keeping your solutions in place for the long haul. Let us show you how.

Standard Work

What Happened to 5S?

5S allows you to optimize, organize and standardize your processes. For some reason, we don’t see people using it as often as they should. If you have issues with tools going missing, time being wasted or people being unclear of what to do, you need 5S. We train our clients on the tools and help you implement an actual project. Consequently, you gain the confidence to implement 5S on your own. Call us today to book a clarity session!

5 S

"Auditing is not Just for QA"

-Joyce Hughes

Performance Auditing

In manufacturing, we find that Kamishibai is one of the easiest and most engaging auditing processes around. It sounds like a mouthful, however, it really is not that hard. If you want more ownership and team involvement to keep your processes in place, you need auditing. 

Soaring Leadership will show you how. 

Make Continuous Improvement  part of your culture.

We support companies and individuals by identifying where they are in their improvement journey. We develop a motivating set of goals and walk you through the process to get there. Using our accreditation for EXECUTIVE/CORPORATE/BUSINESS coaching and our continuous improvement experience, we set you up for success. 

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