HELLO from Soaring Leadership

Our Mission: We help leaders reach their full potential. 

Robert Half survey show that 39% of people surveyed have left a job due to a bad boss. This is unfortunate and often due to leaders who are not self-aware and don’t realize the negative impact they have on their team.  

Having worked for many companies over 30 years in manufacturing, I am humbled to have met some AMAZING Leaders that have shared their knowledge and helped me to become my best! All of those leaders believed in ongoing personal and professional development.  

At Corpex, our mission is to help you reach your full potential. We believe that Leaders can’t fly but they certainly can SOAR towards even more success. Soaring Leaders are learners who: 

  • Have their own internal curiosity about themselves and others.  
  • Are honest about how they show up today and dedicated to being even better tomorrow. 
  • Provide a vision and direction that they and others can rally around. 
  • Inspire action that makes growth possible. 
  • And support their team by removing roadblocks that stand in the way. 

With our memberships, you can access video “Tips of the Day”, best practice articles and leadership courses to expand your knowledge. And, if you join one of our LIVE network groups, you can have a safe place to practice your new skills before going LIVE yourself.  If you want to have one-on-one support, we also offer individual and group coaching that can target your specific needs. Our aim is to expand your leadership toolbox so you are ready for any situation you encounter! 

Whether you are someone who wants to stay authentic while navigating your career to a higher level or a new leader wanting to learn from others who have been there, we welcome you to Soaring Leadership