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Leadership Training

With 30+ years of practical manufacturing experience, we are uniquely qualified to help with any leadership development and cultural needs. After a FREE clarity session, we define agreed objectives and create a customized training or coaching plan. In our live classes, we bring in as many practical and/or company specific examples as possible to ensure engagement and relevancy. Our virtual programs are offered through our online course library which has over 60+ topics to chose from. Email us today to learn more about leadership training programs. 

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Strategic Coaching

Using our BOARD CERTIFIED COACH credentials, with specialty in EXECUTIVE/CORPORATE/BUSINESS, we offer group or one-on-one coaching, mentorship and leadership training. This designation allows to get deeply into personal barriers that may need to be removed with support. Our approach is to emphasize our client’s strengths while empowering them to practice new techniques around their opportunities. After all, everyone has something to work on. If you or your team have a roadblock to success or want to continue on your growth journey, contact us today to see how we can help.

certified Coaching

Leadership Networking Groups

Knowledge and leadership training go hand in hand to creating the environment for ultimate success. We also know that some skills take feedback and practice in order to perfect your style. We offer  virtual networking groups which are cross industry/cross company or company specific/cross facility sessions. Our networking groups provide a diverse access to best practice sharing and interactive discussion to practice in a live setting. All of our groups provide rich learning and growth for your team. Want to know more, click below! 


Leadership Consulting

We are generally brought in to help companies  remove roadblocks to their success. In addition to individual coaching or leadership training, we identify resource capacity issues, process deficiencies,  team cohesion difficulties and we identify opportunities for continuous improvement. Our unique approach is possible due to extensive manufacturing experience, practical wisdom, and strategic coaching accreditation. We help our clients to identify the gaps and support them to build an implementation plan. We are also available for short or midterm consulting contracts.

Strategy & Goals

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is an excellent approach to encourage teamwork while empowering your employees to own their performance. Therefore, we help to implement LEAN best practice tools that can take your success to the next level. We also provide train the trainer support so that you can optimize your in house expertise.

Type of Memberships We Offer

We have 3 membership levels which provides access to best practice videos. articles, and leadership courses which will help you reach your full potential.

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Silver Membership

Silver Membership

Silver membership is FREE because  we believe everyone should have access to leadership best practices to improve their leadership development, work and home life. Join us to get access to tips and articles that stimulate your knowledge and help you to improve your skills. We are always adding new information so that you stay abreast of new trends.

Gold Membership

With Gold membership we start with a free 30 minute clarity session to help clarify your leadership goals. It provides access to gold level material, videos, articles, downloadable practice templates and leadership courses that keep track of your leadership development journey. All completed courses offer Corpex certificate of completion. Furthermore, You also get advance notice for special events.

Gold Membership

Platinum Membership

With Platinum membership we start with a free 60 minute clarity session to help clarify your leadership goals. It provides access to platinum material, videos, articles, downloadable practice templates and advance courses that keep track of your leadership development journey. All completed courses get Corpex certificate of completion. Furthermore, You get advance notice and special pricing for group events.

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"Many of the employees who attended yesterday told me this is one of the best classes... You are teaching our employees a lot of good things. Thank you for the great job you do"

-Biser Kostov, Lou's Kitchen
Lous Training & CoachingLous Training & Coaching

I never spent so much time thinking about my own self awareness and how that affects my relationships both at work and at home. It is hard work but so rewarding. Joyce helped me to practice new techniques that I can use on a regular bases to improve my leadership skills. Thank you.

I can't thank you enough for believing in me and being an honest and genuine leader. You embodied that and I've tried to take as many tools out of your toolbox that you taught me along the way and instill upon others. The greatest leader I've ever experienced and I owe all of my success to you!
Chad - Production Manager
I really enjoy the lessons and Joyce! Joyce you are great!
I liked learning that emotions can poison your mind but you can change it. Also, the way I feel is okay.
Joyce is an awesome trainer. I love your positive energy.
Mark Laing - Supervisor
The self-awareness during the leadership training with @soaringleadership was a transformative experience! It provided profound insights into understanding oneself and honing leadership skills. The knowledgeable instructor and interactive sessions made it engaging and impactful. I left with a heightened self-awareness, improved communication, and a renewed sense of purpose. Highly recommend for personal and professional growth!
Diana Guerrero - Manager
Great speaker. Joyce's experience and knowledge of manufacturing processes provides good insight.
Daniel S - Supply Chain
Learning through fun exercises is the best way and I would say that was Corpex's way. Thank you, Joyce.
Marie France B - Planning
Interesting training that improves your work environment by learning about different personalities so you can adapt and find common ground.
Mahammed I - Manager
IVo (1)IVo (1)
I highly recommend this program to any person in a leadership role.
Ivo Lovrich - Maintenance Manager

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Do I Need Coaching
Or Training?

Coaching is ideal for anyone who wants personal and one-on-one support to reach particular goals. Training provides leadership concepts and practical ways to execute them.

How Do I Know If
I Am Ready?

If you feel overwhelmed, frustrated or have anxiety over moving forward, we can help you find your strengths. We offer a free clarity session that can help decide the right path for you.

How Can I Grow My
Whole Team?

We offer live and virtual group training sessions that are customized to your needs. The sessions are interactive and provide time to practice what is learned.

Do you feel demotivated or stuck? Do you love your job but worry you are not growing professionally? Perhaps you want to take your whole team to the next level. If you are dedicated and passionate about improving, our unique approach helps you get there faster. We offer a free clarity session to ensure your highest priority goals are identified right from the start.

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