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leadership consulting Burlington

Leadership Consulting Focus

  • OUR CLIENTS: Small to mid-size private or public organizations, manufacturing focused, business leaders and individuals.


  • WE OFFER:  Baseline assessments, engagements surveys, process and continuous improvement projects, best practices advisory, and short term resource coverage and leadership training. 
  • APPROACH: A free clarity session,  customized solution, best practices recommendation , potential implementation.

leadership Coaching & Leadership consulting Burlington 

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Our Qualifications

  • 30+ Years of Strategic/Executive Manufacturing Experience and Leadership Development, Leadership Training, Leadership Consulting. 
  • BOARD CERTIFIED COACH™ designation for EXECUTIVE/CORPORATE /BUSINESS leadership consulting and coaching.
  • ACTIVATION™ METHOD Life Coach Certification. 
  • Tony Robbins Life, Business Mastery & Knowledge Broker Trainings. 
  • Professional Engineer of Ontario since 1991 with 30+ years of Practical Experience. 
leadership consulting Burlington

How it works?

When brought in for leadership consulting we help to identify your productivity and culture goals. We call this a clarity session because our purpose is to discuss your current barriers to achieving success. 

Secondly, we get to know you and your team so that we can see the effects of personality skill and team work in relation to execution.

Thirdly, we provide a customized best practice recommendation and quotation to meet your needs. 

Finally, we can be hired to advise or implement the project within your facility. 

Need more technical support?

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What's Your Improvement Goal?

We all need a little help once in a while to reach our goals.  Here are some reasons our clients hire us to help:

  • YOU STRUGGLE WITH TIME MANAGEMENT because you put things off and get off track. We help you achieve more by optimizing your resources which help you get over the hurdles. 
  • YOU WANT MORE ACTION by your team or from yourself. We help you understand what is holding you back and create action plans to help you take those critical first steps. 
  • GOALS GET SIDE-TRACKED, firefighting is evident or you find it hard to focus. We help you create a clear vision and guide you to develop an action plan that motivates toward one direction. 
  • CONFLICT IS EVIDENT amongst your team or when you talk with certain individuals. We help to remove tensions and guide you on practical methods for understanding and collaboration required for success. 
  • YOU HAVE A MAJOR TRANSTION in front of you like a corporate restructure or a career change. Therefore, Our creative change management program works by leveraging inner strengths that drive decisive action. 
  • HIRING OR SHORT RESOURCES? We offer short term leadership placements while you take the time to hire a proper candidate.

Leadership Consulting Burlington, Leadership Consulting Burlington

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